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MR4: Recently revised training manual "Methods in Anopheles Research" now available with several new sections

The NIAID-sponsored Malaria Research and Reference Reagent Resource Center (MR4, is pleased to announce the release of their newly revised "Methods in Anopheles Research" training manual. Originally released in 2007, "Methods in Anopheles Research" now has additional material for the second edition. This 324-page compilation of laboratory methods and protocols is free for downloading in entirety or by individual protocol from the MR4 web site ( under the menu button "Anopheles info" then "Training & Methods". Topics include dissection techniques, insecticide-resistance assays, species identification by PCR and general anopheline culture. The MR4 invites appropriate voluntary contributions and revisions to the manual. If you are interested in suggesting sections on techniques in which you have expertise, please contact the MR4 at If downloading is not possible, we can also mail the information on CD. Please request through

New chapters include:

3.5 Protocol for 96 Well gDNA Extraction Clare Holleley, Alice Sutcliffe
3.6 Determination of Lipid, Glycogen, and Sugars in Mosquitoes Chrigi Kaufman
3.8 Forced Oviposition for Anopheline Mosquitoes John Morgan
5.1.3 CDC Bottle Bioassays **UPDATED FOR 2010** Bill Brogdon
7.1 Taxonomic Mounting Techniques Theresa Howard, Ralph Harbach, and Yvonne Linton
7.2.2 28S Subunits PCR
7.2.3 General PCR for the 18S subunit in Anophelines
7.3.2 Cytochrome B PCR
8.3 Molecular Identification of Bloodmeals in Mosquitoes Christian Fornadel, Rebekah Kent, and Doug Norris
8.4.5 Anopheles funestus complex (Wilkins et al.)
8.5.1 Vector Population Monitoring Tool using Real Time PCR Chris Bass, Martin Williamson, John Vontas, Hilary Ranson, Martin Donnelly and Lin Field An. gambiae s.l. species complex ID assay Plasmodium detection assay Knock down resistance (kdr) assays Insensitive acetylcholinesterase (iAChE) assay Resistance to dieldrin (rdl) assay

We are also pleased to announce the addition of several new products:

MRA-1027G Anopheles funestus genomic DNA
MRA-1027K Preserved adult An. funestus
MRA-1027B Preserved adult An. funestus
MRA-1154 An. sinensis live eggs - SINENSIS
MRA-1155 An. quadriannulatus live eggs – SANGQUA

We are also in the process of depositing the following materials into the MR4.

An. merus live eggs – MAF
An. stephensi live eggs – SDA500
An. funestus species complex oligonucleotides
An. funestus species complex plasmid positive controls for PCR assay
Knockdown resistance PCR assay oligonucleotides
Knockdown resistance plasmid positive controls for PCR assay

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Submitted by Guest (not verified) on
This really is gr8 news. I'd particularly looked forward to the forced oviposition techniques for funestus samples. Kudos!!