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Dear MalariaWorld subscriber,

Things are about to change - big time. MalariaWorld is nearly in existence for three years, and we are planning a complete new look and feel to the platform. We want to make it even better. But this has an important consquence in that we will have to transfer the platform database to the new environment. What this means for you...

As of 30 October (midnight standard European time), any new content added to the platform (blogs, comments, forums etc) will not be visible in the new version of MalariaWorld. This will last for 10 days. Also, on 2 November, we will only send out a short newsletter, and a week later, on 9 november, there will be no newsletter (the first one we miss in 3 years!).

After 10 November things should get back to normal and we will present you with MalariaWorld 2.0. 

Equally important: At an open access event this week in Holland, a new method to gauge the impact and quality of open access journals was discussed and tested. PLoS ONE received a rating of 74,6, the Malaria Journal 50,0, and the MalariaWorld Journal 47.0! This is a fantastic result for a journal as young as ours. We're very proud of this - and thank you, authors, for publishing your work with us. Remember the MalariaWorld Journal: where you read for free and publish for free.

This week a we list a position at the University of Neuchatel (Switzerland) at assistant professorship level.

Two meetings are of interest, the Muthi clinical trials workshop (February '13, Uganda) and the 31st annual meeting of the European  Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases (June '13, Italy).

We also have a story on artemisinin, contributed by Dr. Pierre Lutgen and also wrote an editorial about the Cannes Festival and its awarding of a prestigious prize to a product that doesn't work. If you can bring this story to the attention of the press, please do so. They can also contact us at

Enjoy this week's MalariaWorld - and its familiar layout soon to change - the MW team.