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Two years to go. Will we reach the MDG6 goal of 'zero deaths' by December 2015?

4% (4 votes)
96% (102 votes)
Total votes: 106


Submitted by Aline Noutcha (not verified) on
We will never meet the MDG6 if we do not change our attitude to implementation of Projects on health and Capacity building because 1) Funds are rarely used for the target projects. 2) Nets purchased for malaria control programmes are either placed on sale or given out to friends, relatives and other acquaintances arbitrarily at the expense of sponsors ignoring most of the proposed beneficiary. A participatory investigation clearly reveals that most people at risk are not even aware that nets are being distributed free. 3) Make up reports and publications are used to justify misuse of huge budgets, deceiving the malaria sufferers and funding agencies. 4) Research Teams are made up of family members (not involved in any aspects of research or without expertise for the task/ responsibilities in the project) or virtual members (non consenting workers within the institution, dead workers, retired and not active colleagues) unaware of their membership to the research team, this to increase the recurrent expenses (Telephone bill; transportation, accommodation and perdiem at the field even when there was no field trip) for all staff. 5) Receipts of 1st class travel are purchased by Team heads to justify expenses and travel is done in economic class, sometimes confusing the traveller who hardly comprehends why his/her class is changed at the airport. The travel agent & the team head then share percents of the excess cost. The prices of consumables or items of equipment purchased are exponentially inflated sometimes with the complicity of procurement officers and distributors. 6) Worse, genuine scientists interested in working hard to generate reliable data from research are often frustrated by the networking vicious cycle. You must lend your expertise to someone who is in the network for him/her to promote you if only you never contradict what is done wrong or you work in total oblivion. 7) Training is regarded as leisure thus team representatives for workshops/courses are wrongly selected to benefit family and friends ignoring the trainees with the required profile. 8) Partnership with other institution is established based on similar philosophies of "budget justification" rather than project implementation. 9) There are no established links between scientists and community members implying loose or no interactions at all for community-based projects. In some cases there has ever been any visit at the study site where field trips are prescribed monthly 10) Research is consequently perceived as "cake sharing" rather than Skills and Knowledge acquisition for development & well being of the people. Community compliance, collaboration is coerced rather that voluntary.