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Should pyrethroids be banned for Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS)?

38% (14 votes)
62% (23 votes)
Total votes: 37


Submitted by Muhammad Aslamkhan on
Pyrethroids are relatively harmless. Banning pyrethroids means that many developing countries will nit be able to implement IPM. we have to find first some effective system(s) to control pest, e.g., genetic control....

Submitted by Rune Bosselmann on
I dont think the issue is banning pyrethroids altogether but to avoid using them for IRS in order to slow down or prevent resistance development. Since we have alternatives to pyrethroids for this type of intervention it may be smart to reserve them for tools for which an alternative insecticide is less obvious. This is the case with LLIN's. Syngenta's new OP IRS proves that you can have very good persistance with a non pyrethroid but I am yet to see a good replacement AI for LLIN's. I am not sure that a ban is what we need but at least we can advise people to help preserve the efficacy of LLINs but using non pyrethroids elsewhere.

Rune Bosselmann




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