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Book review: ‘Improving the US Presidential Malaria Initiative’

March 28, 2013 - 21:45 -- Bart G.J. Knols
Bart GJ Knols
MWJ 2013, 4, 2
Article type: 
Book review

This is a review of Bill Jobin's book 'Improving the US Presidential Malaria Initiative'. It is mainly a review of PMI's first campaign in Angola in 2005/6. Jobin was directly involved in organising a large-scale indoor residual spraying campaign in the south of Angola and writes about the intricacies of getting such a campaign off the ground based on poor data, delays, and a myriad of other challenges. To come to a stunning conclusion: there was hardly any malaria in the region that was sprayed and essentially 2.1 million dollars of the first PMI campaign had gone to waste. Jobin adds a list of essential recommendations to improve the outcome of such campaigns in future. A must-read that can be ordered at


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