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The world's largest and only online scientific and social network for malaria professionals. As of December 2014 MalariaWorld is celebrating its 5th anniversary. It's been an adventure that we never imagined would become what it has become today. Read the history behind MalariaWorld here.

Your donation will be used for MalariaWorld, a project of the charity Dutch Malaria Foundation that contributes to a malaria free world.



If you prefer to donate via (bank) wire transfer, you can send your donation to:

Nederlandse Malaria Stichting (Dutch Malaria Foundation)
City:  Dodewaard; Country: The Netherlands
Bank: Rabobank, Tiel, The Netherlands
Bank account: IBAN NL07RABO0158832094 / BIC RABONL2U

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For US donations only:

If you are a US citizen and willing to donate $500 or more, you can make a tax-deductible gift to us through CAF America. Visit the donation page of the Dutch Malaria Foundation at CAF here.

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