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  • Reply to: Free Book for MalariaWorld Members!   1 day 7 hours ago

    Dear Dr.Dalrymple,
    Thank you so much for releasing your book for free download. The book is an excellent resource that will help us to rethink about obtaining new drugs from plant-based for the emerging parasitic and non-parasitic diseases that are surfacing in our world of today.
    Once again, thanks for your generosity.

    Stay blessed.


  • Reply to: Characterizing microscopic and submicroscopic malaria parasitaemia at three sites with varied transmission intensity in Uganda   2 days 22 hours ago
    This is massive evidence of the importance of sub-microscopic infections. It must be taken very seriously in planning and measuring interventions. Certainly it is not the end of malaria control !!! but it means we need to maintain vigilance in "low transmission" areas or "elimination" areas for a protracted yet undefined time. It raises questions such as how long do the sub-microscopic infections last? To what extent are these infections gametocytaemic? The point is that eventual control is feasible if the vector is under control. We did this in Zimbabwe in the 1960-1990, keeping pressure on the vectors and there was little if any transmission in most of the country, so presumably the infections finally disappeared.
  • Reply to: Herbal Artemisia cures dengue!   3 days 4 hours ago

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  • Reply to: Malaria prophylaxis with Neem   1 week 3 days ago

    With over 22 years experience working with Neem I have published a book about the miraculous versatile medicinal Neem tree from India that offers better plant, human, animal, and environmental health, "Neem - Nature's Healing Gift to Humanit", see
    Klaus Ferlow, HMH, HA, Author, NEEM RESEARCH, Mission, B.C. (Vancouver), Canada

  • Reply to: Message from Pedro Alonso, Director GMP: Welcoming Dr Fred Binka to WHO   2 weeks 14 hours ago

    For Pedro Alonso and Fred Binka both;

    It is very worthwhile that you are focussing efforts on the problems originating in SE Asia due to our over-dependence on drugs (and insecticides) for fighting malaria.

    But I am puzzled why WHO is not also now focussing on the use of the new CRISPR genetic modification technique to begin an attack on the main vectors of malaria. With this technique it should be possible to eliminate major vectors one by one, from certain geographical areas - such as West Africa, for a start.

    This genetic technique offers the chance to rid ourselves of the problems of insecticide resistance, and thus gradually shrink the malaria map.

    You should give it as least as much importance as suppressing transmission in SE Asia.

    Why not, Pedro Alonso?