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  • Reply to: How can we promote more active dialogue on malaria?   1 week 1 hour ago

    A tricky question. Some bullets regarding dialogue -as referred to here- based on my experience:
    - It will not occur involving too many people at the same time. Larger numbers usually lead to a lower participation.
    - It is better to have an specific subject, and it is convenient to define the scope of the dialogue, so participants can be selected or self-select in such a way that leads to active engagement.
    - The subject should be of actual common interest to participants to be.
    - Most conferences are not primarily designed for dialogue, so they are a reference but not a model.
    - It helps to have a strategic approach (i.e. not just launch an e-forum), including follow-up.
    - Many of us are still learning to use digital platforms for dialogue (we are better using them for one way communication, either emitting or receiving).
    - Have realistic expectations.
    - Consult communications experts while organizing ambitious "dialogue" events.

  • Reply to: How can we promote more active dialogue on malaria?   1 week 2 days ago

    Thanks, Bill. You are bringing forward an issue that has been bugging me for years - the absence of dialogue in the global malaria community. This was one of the very reasons we set up MalariaWorld in 2009.

    It is not that we have no ideas - there are many - on what we could do to improve dialogue. It is more that we have not been successful to generate funding to do so. And yes, this is not a secret, we run the entire service on a budget of 15 thousand dollars per year. You can imagine what we could do with 100 thousand per year!

    Frankly, sometimes we despair, seeing that on Fridays when we send out the newsletter we get lots of visits to the site, but that is where it stops.

    I would certainly encourage members to pose more ideas (as Markus, Pete, and Robin mention), so that hopefully our anniversary will not be a small affair...

    Best wishes,

  • Reply to: TANZANIA   1 week 2 days ago

    Education made the difference between malaria control and malaria elimination (which first began in 1922)and I have now written about this in the American Entomologist and Oxford University Press at .
    Sadly, the following from 1924 is still relevant today in many areas:
    " ... we have to acknowledge …… that in reality we are not in a position to suggest any single plan for dealing with malaria which would certainly be permanently effective in actual practice.”. This was reported by the League of Nations Malaria Commission in 1924!! Palestine inconspiculously became the first place in the world where successful national malaria elimination began in 1922, and when the League of Nations inspected the anti-malaria works underway in Palestine in 1925, the League of Nations reported that year “…the work done in Palestine destroyed pessimism, raised hopes…” and “the men who carried it out can be regarded as benefactors not only to the Palestinian population but to the world as a whole.”
    Malcolm Doherty is right. Education should be as important as the anti-malaria works. 100 years ago, Palestine was drenched in malaria. The British Army had collapsed from the disease in Palestine, and the place had been referred to as one of the most malarious places in the world. It was either very thinly populated or uninhabitable in many areas. But it was the education of the whole population (albeit a very small one) - of both Arab and Jew - that was the key to the malaria elimination that was eventually achieved. But this seems to be overlooked by many endeavouring to defeat malaria.

  • Reply to: How can we promote more active dialogue on malaria?   1 week 2 days ago

    What a pleasant surprise, to get so many encouraging responses ( four, to be exact) to my original blog of 10 Sept. Do I see a thread about dividing MalariaWorld into more narrow interest groups? Or would that defeat the purpose?

  • Reply to: How can we promote more active dialogue on malaria?   1 week 2 days ago

    It's amazing that we are 10,000 here! I have had the same problem with interactions online in my own small attempts to keep people together. I wonder if Bart Knowls could let us know how he recruited so many, and ideas for us to amplify interaction with this site using those same methods? Maybe we can help MalariaWorld by doing publicity at more meetings.

    Another suggestion would be that the site include a place specifically for forums in each field, where exciting papers in each field can be highlighted (with help from Research Gate, RSS from journals, or google scholar?), and folks can discuss implications etc. and blogs in each field could be localized. That would likely bring me here more often, as an immunologist, I can say that this is not where I think to come discuss (actually, there is no place I can think of yet). Happy to participate in such an effort, if a good idea pops up from this discussion that people think will work.

    A good collection of courses and conferences in malaria in general and each field would also be really helpful.

    Thanks MalariaWorld!