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Review of 'what works' in elimination advocacy

June 19, 2014 - 18:55 -- MESA Alliance
Malaria Journal publishes an Open Access timely review of 'what works' in elimination advocacy. The authors identify 7 key advocacy elements for disease elimination:
  1. A global elimination plan, supported by international health bodies.
  2. Thorough costings and tools to support the business case.
  3. An approach that is positioned within a development framework.
  4. Core elimination advocacy messages.
  5. Provision of advocacy tools for partners.
  6. Extensive and effective community engagement.
  7. Strong partnerships
Authors conclude that “Elimination advocacy will need to adapt to new technologies and research findings, emerging successes and challenges, changes in the socio-political landscape of eliminating countries, and changes in global health financing.”


William Jobin's picture
Submitted by William Jobin on

The MESA alliance has identified 7 key elements needed for disease elimination, few of which are present in the US Presidential Malaria Initiative, nor in the UN Roll Back Malaria program. Doesn't this indicate fundamental problems with the global attack on malaria?

For instance, lets look at items 2 and 3, and also item 6.

RBM, WHO and PMI do virtually no cost analysis nor make estimates for the costs of expansion, nor of the possible financial resources available. Their approaches bypass and ignore the impacts and relation of economic development and malaria, but instead try to overcome malaria transmission by pouring in drugs, biocides and bednets. They have very little community engagement, nor even national political engagement.

What can be done to correct this? Or are we all just assuming that RBM and the US PMI will soon fail anyway, so there is no point in doing anything?

Bill, really puzzled by what the thinking is in Geneva and Washington

William Jobin Director of Blue Nile Associates