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artemisinin resistance mutations

No Evidence of Plasmodium falciparum k13 Artemisinin Resistance-Conferring Mutations over a 24-Year Analysis in Coastal Kenya but a Near Complete Reversion to Chloroquine-Sensitive Parasites

December 3, 2019 - 15:39 -- Open Access
Kevin Wamae, Dorcas Okanda, Leonard Ndwiga, Victor Osoti, Kelvin M. Kimenyi, Abdirahman I. Abdi, Philip Bejon, Colin Sutherland and Lynette Isabella Ochola-Oyier
AntimicrobialAgents and Chemotherap December 2019 Volume 63 Issue 12 e01067-19

Antimalarial drug resistance is a substantial impediment to malaria control. The spread of resistance has been described using genetic markers, which are important epidemiological tools. We carried out a temporal analysis of changes in allele frequencies of 12 drug resistance markers over 2 decades of changing antimalarial drug policy in Kenya. We did not detect any of the validated kelch 13 (k13) artemisinin resistance markers; nonetheless, a single k13 allele, K189T, was maintained at a stable high frequency (>10%) over time.

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