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solvent fractions

NOT Open Access | Potential antimalarial activity of Coccinia barteri leaf extract and solvent fractions against Plasmodium berghei infected mice

February 17, 2020 - 12:03 -- NOT Open Access
Orabueze CI, Obi E, Adesegun SA, Coker HA
Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 248, 10 February 2020, 112334

Coccinia barteri (Hook. F.) is traditional used in Southeast of Nigeria in management of fever. This study aimed to evaluate the antimalarial activities of hydro-methanol crude extract and solvent fractions of Coccinia barteri leaf.

Evaluation of Antimalarial Activity of Hydromethanolic Crude Extract and Solvent Fractions of the Leaves of Nuxia congesta R. Br. Ex Fresen (Buddlejaceae) in Plasmodium berghei Infected Mice

January 14, 2020 - 12:17 -- Open Access
Fenta M, Kahaliw W
Journal of Experimental Pharmacology, 16 December 2019 Volume: 11 Pages 121—134

In Ethiopia, malaria control has been complicated due to resistance of the parasite and its vectors to the current drugs. Therefore, new drugs are required to avert the problem posed by drug-resistant Plasmodium strains. There is need to investigate alternative sources of antimalarial agents and plants are potential source of antimalarial drugs. This study aimed to investigate the antimalarial activity of the leaves of N. congesta crude extract (hydromethanolic extract) and solvent fractions (n-hexane, chloroform, and aqueous fractions of crude extract) traditionally used to treat malaria in many parts of Ethiopia.

Antimalarial activity of hydromethanolic extract and its solvent fractions of Vernonia amygdalina leaves in mice infected with Plasmodium berghei

November 26, 2019 - 20:40 -- Open Access
Temesgen Bihonegn, Mirutse Giday, Getnet Yimer, Abebe Animut, Mekonnen Sisay
SAGE Open Medicine Volume 7: 1–10

Vernonia amygdalina Del. (Asteraceae) is reported to be traditionally used for the treatment of malaria. Based on folkloric repute of this plant in Ethiopian traditional medicine and crude extract-based ethnopharmacological studies conducted in few countries, this study was undertaken to evaluate the in vivo antimalarial activity of 80% methanol extract and its solvent fractions of the leaves of V. amygdalina in mice infected with Plasmodium berghei.

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