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acinetobacter baumanii

Bloodstream infection with Acinetobacter baumanii in a Plasmodium falciparum positive infant: a case report

February 8, 2021 - 10:24 -- Open Access
Akenten CW, Boahen KG, Marfo KS, Sarpong N, Dekker D, Struck NS, Osei-Tutu L, May J, Amuasi JH, Eibach D
J Med Case Rep. 2021 Feb 5;15(1):46

The increasing incidence of multi-antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections, coupled with the risk of co-infections in malaria-endemic regions, complicates accurate diagnosis and prolongs hospitalization, thereby increasing the total cost of illness. Further, there are challenges in making the correct choice of antibiotic treatment and duration, precipitated by a lack of access to microbial culture facilities in many hospitals in Ghana. The aim of this case report is to highlight the need for blood cultures or alternative rapid tests to be performed routinely in malaria patients, to diagnose co-infections with bacteria, especially when symptoms persist after antimalarial treatment.

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