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para-aminobenzoic acid

Neonatal mice resist Plasmodium yoelii infection until exposed to para-aminobenzoic acid containing diet after weaning

January 12, 2021 - 15:00 -- Open Access
Parra M, Yang J, Weitner M, Akkoyunlu M
Sci Rep. 2021 Jan 8;11(1):90

We developed a newborn (NB) mouse Plasmodium yoelii NL infection model to study malaria in early age. Surprisingly, the onset of parasitemia in P. yoelii challenged NB mice was delayed compared to adults and coincided with the weaning date when weanlings switched from maternal milk to normal chow diet. Also, compared to adult mice, parasitemia resolved much later (48 days vs 20 days post challenge) and the peak parasitemia was twice as high in weanlings. Concurrently, weanlings' germinal center reaction was delayed and diminished compared to adult mice.

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