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Not Open Access | Antiplasmodial Combined Formulation of Artemisinin with Peschiera fuchsiaefolia Bis-Indole Alkaloids

January 6, 2021 - 13:20 -- NOT Open Access
Konan KV, Le TC, Mateescu MA
J Pharm Sci. 2021 Jan;110(1):135-145

Antimalarial agents used as monotherapy are increasingly ineffective due to the emergence of Plasmodium resistant strains. Artemisinin (Arte), extracted from Artemisia annua, presents a good efficiency against the Plasmodium strains and is currently used to treat malaria. To avoid the appearance of new resistant strains to artemisinin, the use of Artemisinin-based Combination Therapy (ACT) with another antimalaria agent was recommended by WHO to provide an effective cure and delayed resistance.

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