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children under five years

Haematological profile of children with malaria in Sorong, West Papua, Indonesia

March 10, 2021 - 13:58 -- Open Access
Syilvia Jiero and Ayodhia Pitaloka Pasaribu
Malaria Journal 2021 20:126, 4 March 2021

Malaria remains a major public health problem in Indonesian Papua, with children under five years of age being the most affected group. Haematological changes, such as cytopenia that occur during malaria infection have been suggested as potential predictors and can aid in the diagnosis of malaria. This study aimed to assess the haematological alterations associated with malaria infection in children presenting with signs and symptoms of malaria.

Deploying triple artemisinin-based combination therapy (TACT) for malaria treatment in Africa: ethical and practical considerations

March 3, 2021 - 15:45 -- Open Access
Paulina Tindana, Freek de Haan, Chanaki Amaratunga, Mehul Dhorda, Rob W. van der Pluijm, Arjen M. Dondorp and Phaik Yeong Cheah
Malaria Journal 2021 20:119, 27 February 2021

Malaria remains a major cause of morbidity and mortality in Africa, particularly in children under five years of age. Availability of effective anti-malarial drug treatment is a cornerstone for malaria control and eventual malaria elimination. Artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) is worldwide the first-line treatment for uncomplicated falciparum malaria, but the ACT drugs are starting to fail in Southeast Asia because of drug resistance.

NOT Open Access | Multilevel modelling of the risk of malaria among children aged under five years in Nigeria

September 22, 2020 - 10:31 -- NOT Open Access
Oguoma VM, Anyasodor AE, Adeleye AO, Eneanya OA, Mbanefo EC
Trans R Soc Trop Med Hyg. 2020 Sep 18:traa096

Malaria is still a major cause of morbidity and mortality among children aged <5 y (U5s). This study assessed individual, household and community risk factors for malaria in Nigerian U5s.

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