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midgut proteins

Analysis of blood-induced Anopheles gambiae midgut proteins and sexual stage Plasmodium falciparum interaction reveals mosquito genes important for malaria transmission

September 2, 2020 - 08:32 -- Open Access
Cui Y, Niu G, Li VL, Wang X, Li J
Sci Rep. 2020 Aug 31;10(1):14316

Plasmodium invasion of mosquito midguts is a mandatory step for malaria transmission. The roles of mosquito midgut proteins and parasite interaction during malaria transmission are not clear. This study aims to identify mosquito midgut proteins that interact with and affect P. falciparum invasion. Based on gene expression profiles and protein sequences, 76 mosquito secretory proteins that are highly expressed in midguts and up-regulated by blood meals were chosen for analysis. About 61 candidate genes were successfully cloned from Anopheles gambiae and expressed in insect cells.

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