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NOT Open Access | Heparin-decorated nanostructured lipid carriers of artemether-protoporphyrin IX-transferrin combination for therapy of malaria

June 23, 2021 - 13:50 -- NOT Open Access
Dong X, Zhang X, Wang M, Gu L, Li J, Gong M
Int J Pharm. 2021 Jun 15:120813

Heme is a prosthetic group of hemoglobin comprising protoporphyrin IX (PPIX) with Fe2+. Studies have shown that modulating heme synthesis pathway in Plasmodium could greatly affect the action mechanism and antimalarial effect of artemisinin and its derivatives. Herein, an intraerythrocytic parasite targeted nanostructured lipid carrier (NLC) was developed for potentiation of artemether (ARM) by combination with PPIX and iron-loaded transferrin (holo-Tf). Firstly, ARM and PPIX were co-loaded into NLCs with high entrapment efficiency.

NOT Open Access | Aberrant Dopamine Receptor Signaling Plays Critical Role in the Impairment of Striatal Neurons in Experimental Cerebral Malaria

August 25, 2020 - 09:11 -- NOT Open Access
Kumar SP, Babu PP
Mol Neurobiol. 2020 Aug 24

One-fourth survivors of cerebral malaria (CM) retain long-term cognitive and behavioral deficits. Structural abnormalities in striatum are reported in 80% of children with CM. Dopamine receptors (D1 and D2) are widely expressed in striatal medium spiny neurons (MSNs) that regulate critical physiological functions related to behavior and cognition. Dysregulation of dopamine receptors alters the expression of downstream proteins such as dopamine- and cAMP-regulated phosphoprotein (DARPP), Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II alpha (CaMKIIα), and p25/cyclin-dependent kinase 5 (cdk5).

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