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blimp-1 balancing pathology

T Helper Plasticity Is Orchestrated by STAT3, Bcl6, and Blimp-1 Balancing Pathology and Protection in Malaria

July 28, 2020 - 15:07 -- Open Access
Carpio VH, Aussenac F, Puebla-Clark L, Wilson KD, Villarino AV, Dent AL, Stephens R
iScience. 2020 Jul 24;23(7):101310

Hybrid Th1/Tfh cells (IFN-γ+IL-21+CXCR5+) predominate in response to several persistent infections. In Plasmodium chabaudi infection, IFN-γ+ T cells control parasitemia, whereas antibody and IL-21+Bcl6+ T cells effect final clearance, suggesting an evolutionary driver for the hybrid population. We found that CD4-intrinsic Bcl6, Blimp-1, and STAT3 coordinately regulate expression of the Th1 master regulator T-bet, supporting plasticity of CD4 T cells.

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