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age-based dose regimen

NOT Open Access | Doses of primaquine administered to children with Plasmodium vivax according to an age-based dose regimen

July 27, 2020 - 12:33 -- NOT Open Access
Vieira MVDF, Matos Lopes TR, Mello AGNC, de Sena LWP, Commons RJ, Vieira JLF.
Pathog Glob Health. 2020 Jul 24:1-5

Primaquine is still the first-line drug to eliminate hypnozoites of Plasmodium vivax. The therapeutic efficacy is related to the total dose administered. In several endemic areas, the drug is administered for children in an age-based regimen, which can lead to inadequate exposure, increasing the rates of recurrence of the infection. The present study aims to describe the mg/kg total dose of primaquine administered to children for treatment for vivax malaria when an age-based regimen is used and to measure the plasma concentrations of primaquine and carboxyprimaquine.

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