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Malaria situation in a clear area of Iran: an approach for the better understanding of the health service providers’ readiness and challenges for malaria elimination in clear areas

March 23, 2020 - 11:33 -- Open Access
Hosein Azizi, Elham Davtalab-Esmaeili, Mostafa Farahbakhsh, Maryam Zeinolabedini, Yagoub Mirzaei and Mohammad Mirzapour
Malaria Journal 2020 19:114, 18 March 2020

Malaria mortality and morbidity have decreased in recent years. Malaria elimination (ME) and effective efforts to achieve ME is one of the most important priorities for health systems in countries in the elimination phase. In very low transmission areas, the ME programme is faced with serious challenges. This study aimed to assess the trend while getting a better understanding of Health Service Providers’ (HSPs) readiness and challenges for ME in a clear area of Iran.

Understanding challenges to malaria elimination in Nepal: a qualitative study with an embedded capacity-building exercise

December 30, 2019 - 14:32 -- Open Access
Shiva Raj Adhikari, Vishnu P. Sapkota, Arjun K. Thapa and Yubraj Acharya
Malaria Journal 2019 18:437, 21 December 2019

The Nepalese Government has made significant progress toward the elimination of malaria. However, given the surge in the prevalence of non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension, and the localized nature of malaria prevalence, malaria elimination will remain a challenge. In the current study, the authors sought to understand local perceptions on threats to malaria elimination in three endemic districts.

A systematic review on anti-malarial drug discovery and antiplasmodial potential of green synthesis mediated metal nanoparticles: overview, challenges and future perspectives

October 7, 2019 - 15:31 -- Open Access
Loick P. Kojom Foko, Francois Eya’ane Meva, Carole E. Eboumbou Moukoko, Agnes A. Ntoumba, Marie I. Ngaha Njila, Philippe Belle Ebanda Kedi, Lawrence Ayong and Leopold G. Lehman
Malaria Journal 2019 18:337, 3 October 2019

The recent emergence in Southeast Asia of artemisinin resistance poses major threats to malaria control and elimination globally. Green nanotechnologies can constitute interesting tools for discovering anti-malarial medicines. This systematic review focused on the green synthesis of metal nanoparticles as potential source of new antiplasmodial drugs.

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