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Humoral immunity

NOT Open Access | Infection-induced plasmablasts are a nutrient sink that impairs humoral immunity to malaria

May 20, 2020 - 10:31 -- NOT Open Access
Vijay R, Guthmiller JJ, Butler NS, et al.
Nat Immunol. 2020 May 18

Plasmodium parasite–specific antibodies are critical for protection against malaria, yet the development of long-lived and effective humoral immunity against Plasmodium takes many years and multiple rounds of infection and cure. Here, we report that the rapid development of short-lived plasmablasts during experimental malaria unexpectedly hindered parasite control by impeding germinal center responses.

Humoral immunity prevents clinical malaria during Plasmodium relapses without eliminating gametocytes

October 1, 2019 - 14:29 -- Open Access
Chester J. Joyner, Cristiana F. A. Brito, Mary R. Galinski, et al.
PLoS Pathog 15(9): e1007974

Plasmodium relapses are attributed to the activation of dormant liver-stage parasites and are responsible for a significant number of recurring malaria blood-stage infections.

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