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severe falciparum

NOT Open Access | Development and validation of an in silico decision-tool to guide optimisation of intravenous artesunate dosing regimens for severe falciparum malaria patients

March 10, 2021 - 13:55 -- NOT Open Access
Zaloumis SG, Whyte JM, Simpson JA, et al.
Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2021 Mar 8:AAC.02346-20

Most deaths from severe falciparum malaria occur within 24 hours of presentation to hospital. Intravenous (i.v.) artesunate is the first-line treatment for severe falciparum malaria, but its efficacy may be compromised by delayed parasitological responses. In patients with severe malaria the life-saving benefit of the artemisinin derivatives is their ability to clear circulating parasites rapidly, before they can sequester and obstruct the microcirculation.

Reduced Cardiac Index Reserve and Hypovolemia in Severe Falciparum Malaria

April 13, 2020 - 14:12 -- Open Access
Kingston HWF, Ghose A, Dondorp AM, et al.
The Journal of Infectious Diseases, Volume 221, Issue 9, 1 May 2020, Pages 1518–1527

Impaired microvascular perfusion is central to the development of coma and lactic acidosis in severe falciparum malaria. Refractory hypotension is rare on admission but develops frequently in fatal cases. We assessed cardiac function and volume status in severe falciparum malaria and its prognostic significance.

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