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lophira lanceolata stem bark

NOT Open Access | Plasmodium stage-selective antimalarials from Lophira lanceolata stem bark

March 23, 2020 - 14:53 -- NOT Open Access
Soré H, Lopatriello A, Ebstie YA, Tenoh Guedoung AR, Hilou A, Pereira JA, Kijjoa A, Habluetzel A, Taglialatela-Scafati O
Phytochemistry Volume 174, June 2020, 112336

Targeting the transmissible stages of the Plasmodium parasite that develop in the human and mosquito host is a crucial strategy for malaria control and elimination. Medicinal plants offer a prolific source for the discovery of new antimalarial compounds. The recent identification of the gametocytocidal activity of lophirone E, obtained from the African plant Lophira lanceolata (Ochnaceae), inspired the evaluation of the plant also against early sporogonic stages of the parasite development.

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