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NOT Open Access | Anti-tuberculosis activity of the anti-malaria cytochrome bcc oxidase inhibitor SCR0911

March 2, 2020 - 14:14 -- NOT Open Access
Chong S, Manimekalai MSS, Sarathy JP, Williams ZC, Harold LK, Cook GM, Dick T, Pethe K, Bates RW, Grüber G
ACS Infect Dis. 2020 Feb 24

The ability to respire and generate ATP is essential for the physiology, persistence and pathogenicity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which causes Tuberculosis. By employing a lead repurposing strategy, the malarial cytochrome bc1 inhibitor SCR0911 was tested against mycobacteria. Docking studies were carried out to reveal potential binding and to understand the binding interactions with the target, cytochrome bcc.

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