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pre-erythrocytic stage

Not Open Access | Understanding vaccine-elicited protective immunity against pre-erythrocytic stage malaria in endemic regions

October 21, 2020 - 08:27 -- NOT Open Access
Mo AXY, Pesce J, Augustine AD, Bodmer JL, Breen J, Leitner W, Hall BF
Vaccine. 2020 Oct 15:S0264-410X(20)31253-6

Recent malaria vaccine trials in endemic areas have yielded disparate results compared to studies conducted in non-endemic areas. A workshop was organized to discuss the differential pre-erythrocytic stage malaria vaccine (Pre-E-Vac) efficacies and underlying protective immunity under various conditions. It was concluded that many factors, including vaccine technology platforms, host genetics or physiologic conditions, and parasite and mosquito vector variations, may all contribute to Pre-E-Vac efficacy.

Plasmodium falciparum pre-erythrocytic stage vaccine development

February 10, 2020 - 16:01 -- Open Access
Jessica Molina-Franky, Laura Cuy-Chaparro, Anny Camargo, César Reyes, Marcela Gómez, David Ricardo Salamanca, Manuel Alfonso Patarroyo and Manuel Elkin Patarroyo
Malaria Journal 2020 19:56, 3 February 2020

Worldwide strategies between 2010 and 2017 aimed at controlling malarial parasites (mainly Plasmodium falciparum) led to a reduction of just 18% regarding disease incidence rates. Many biologically-derived anti-malarial vaccine candidates have been developed to date; this has involved using many experimental animals, an immense amount of work and the investment of millions of dollars.

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