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Biological Activity

NOT Open Access | Artemisia annua - Importance in Traditional Medicine and Current State of Knowledge on the Chemistry, Biological Activity and Possible Applications

January 26, 2021 - 15:19 -- NOT Open Access
Ekiert H, Świątkowska J, Klin P, Rzepiela A, Szopa A
Planta Med. 2021 Jan 22

Artemisia annua (annual mugwort) is a species that has long been used in traditional Asian medicine, mainly Chinese and Hindu. The species is widespread and known as a medicinal plant not only in Asia but also in Europe, in both Americas, and Australia. The species has become a subject of particular interest due to the 2015 Nobel Prize awarded for detecting the sesquiterpene lactone artemisinin in it and proving its antimalarial activities. The raw materials obtained from this species are Artemisiae annuae folium and Artemisiae annuae herba.

NOT Open Access | Re-engineering of Yohimbine's Biological Activity through Ring Distortion: Identification and Structure-Activity Relationships of a New Class of Antiplasmodial Agents

January 14, 2020 - 10:23 -- NOT Open Access
Paciaroni NG, Perry DL, Norwood VM, Murillo Solano C, Collins J, Tenneti S, Chakrabarti D, Huigens Iii RW
ACS Infect Dis. 2020 Jan 8

Select natural products are ideal starting points for ring distortion, or the dramatic altering of inherently complex molecules through short synthetic pathways, to generate an array of novel compounds with diverse skeletal architectures. A major goal of our ring distortion approach is to re-engineer the biological activity of indole alkaloids to identify new compounds with diverse biological activities in areas of significance to human health and medicine.

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