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rhesus macaques

Suppression of Plasmodium cynomolgi in Rhesus Macaques by Coinfection with Babesia microti

February 26, 2010 - 17:20 -- Ingeborg van Schayk
Leonie M. van Duivenvoorde, Annemarie Voorberg-van der Wel, Nicole M. van der Werff, Gerco Braskamp, Edmond J. Remarque, Ivanela Kondova, Clemens H. M. Kocken, and Alan W. Thomas
Infect. Immun. 2010;78 1032-1039

We recently reported that a rhesus macaque that was chronically infected with Babesia microti was able to control infection with Plasmodium cynomolgi (a parasite of macaques with characteristics very similar to those of Plasmodium vivax) better than naïve monkeys. 

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