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Entomological Study on Transmission of Avian Malaria Parasites in a Zoological Garden in Japan: Bloodmeal Identification and Detection of Avian Malaria Parasite DNA from Blood-Fed Mosquitoes

May 10, 2011 - 14:16 -- Patrick Sampao
Hiroko Ejiri, Yukita Sato, Kyeong-Soon Kim, Tatsuko Hara, Yoshio Tsuda, Takayuki Imura, Koichi Murata, and Masayoshi Yukawa
Journal of Medical Entomology 48(3):600-607. 2011

We investigated the prevalence and transmission of avian malaria parasite and determined the bloodmeal hosts of mosquitoes collected in a zoological garden in Tokyo, Japan, by using the polymerase chain reaction.

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