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long-lasting insecticide nets (LLINs)

Evaluating the efficacy of biological and conventional insecticides with the new 'MCD bottle' bioassay

December 22, 2014 - 11:31 -- Open Access
Sternberg ED, Waite JL, Thomas MB
Malaria Journal 2014, 13 :499 (16 December 2014)

The MCD bottle is feasible as a flexible, low-cost method for testing insecticidal materials.

Implications of bio-efficacy and persistence of insecticides when indoor residual spraying and longlasting insecticide nets are combined for malaria prevention

November 20, 2012 - 06:56 -- Open Access
Okumu FO, Chipwaza B, Madumla EP, Mbeyela E, Lingamba G, Moore J, Ntamatungro AJ, Kavishe DR, Moore SJ
Malaria Journal 2012, 11:378 (19 November 2012)

In bioassays where sufficient contact with treated surfaces is assured, LLINs and IRS kill high proportions of susceptible An. arabiensis mosquitoes, though these efficacies decay gradually for LLINs and rapidly for IRS.

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