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Open Access | Plasmodium falciparum transcriptional CDK-related kinase with a crucial role in parasite proliferation associates with histone deacetylase activity

March 25, 2010 - 12:27 -- Ingeborg van Schayk
Jean Halbert, Lawrence Ayong, Leila Equinet, Karine Le Roch, Mary Hardy, Dean Goldring, Luc Reininger, Norman Waters, Debopam Chakrabarti, and Christian Doerig
Eukaryot. Cell. published 19 March 2010, 10.1128/EC.00005-10

Here, we report the characterisation of Pfcrk-3 (P. falciparum CDK-related kinase 3, PlasmoDB identifier PFD0740w), an unusually large CDK-related protein whose kinase domain displays maximal homology to those CDKs which are, in other eukaryotes, involved in the control of transcription.

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