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Absence of Erythrocyte Sequestration and Lack of Multicopy Gene Family Expression in Plasmodium falciparum from a Splenectomized Malaria Patient

October 25, 2009 - 16:01 -- Bart G.J. Knols
Predehl S, von Kalckreuth V, et al.
PLoS ONE 4(10): e7459. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0007459

This case strongly supports the hypothesis that parasite surface proteins such as PfEMP1, A-type RIFIN or STEVOR are involved in interactions of infected erythrocytes with endothelial receptors mediating sequestration of mature asexual and immature sexual stages of P. falciparum. In contrast, multicopy gene families coding for B-type RIFIN and PfMC-2TM proteins may not be involved in sequestration, as these genes were transcribed in infected but not sequestered erythrocytes.

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