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anopheles arabiensi

Anopheles arabiensis in Sudan: a noticeable tolerance to urban polluted larval habitats associated with resistance to Temephos

May 22, 2018 - 14:09 -- Open Access
Rasha S. Azrag and Babiker H. Mohammed
Malaria Journal 2018 17:204, 18 May 2018

The present study reveals that minor populations of An. arabiensis larval forms are adapted to breed in polluted urban habitats, which further influenced susceptibility to Temephos, especially for the melanic larval forms.


The impact of temperature on insecticide toxicity against the malaria vectors Anopheles arabiensis and Anopheles funestus

April 3, 2018 - 15:18 -- Open Access
Katey D. Glunt, Shüné V. Oliver, Richard H. Hunt and Krijn P. Paaijmans
Malaria Journal 2018 17:131, 2 April 2018

Environmental temperature has a marked effect on the efficacy of insecticides used in public health against important African malaria vectors.

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NOT Open Access | Longitudinal follow-up of malaria transmission dynamics in two villages in a Sahelian area of Niger during a nationwide insecticide-treated bednet distribution programme

December 4, 2012 - 07:36 -- NOT Open Access
R. Labbo, C. Czeher, A. Djibrila, I. Arzika, I. Jeane and J.-B. Duchemin
Medical and Veterinary Entomology, Volume 26, Issue 4, pages 386–395, December 2012

Malaria transmission was monitored in two villages in the Sahel zone of Niger over 4 years.

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