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anopheles species

New assessment of Anopheles vector species identification using MALDI-TOF MS

January 13, 2021 - 10:03 -- Open Access
Cécile Nabet, Abdoulaye K. Kone, Renaud Piarroux, et al.
Malaria Journal 2021 20:33, 9 January 2021

Anopheles species identification is essential for an effective malaria vector control programme. Matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight (MALDI-TOF) mass spectrometry (MS) has been developed to identify adult Anopheles species, using the legs or the cephalothorax. The protein repertoire from arthropods can vary according to compartment, but there is no general consensus regarding the anatomic part to be used.

Seasonal dynamics and molecular differentiation of three natural Anopheles species (Diptera: Culicidae) of the Maculatus group (Neocellia series) in malaria hotspot villages of Thailand

November 14, 2020 - 16:12 -- Open Access
Sumruayphol S, Chaiphongpachara T, Samung Y, Ruangsittichai J, Cui L, Zhong D, Sattabongkot J, Sriwichai P
Parasit Vectors. 2020 Nov 11;13(1):574

Anopheles sawadwongporni Rattanarithikul & Green, Anopheles maculatus Theobald and Anopheles pseudowillmori (Theobald) of the Anopheles maculatus group (Diptera: Culicidae) are recognized as potential malaria vectors in many countries from the Indian subcontinent through Southeast Asia to Taiwan. A number of malaria vectors in malaria hotspot areas along the Thai-Myanmar border belong to this complex. However, the species distribution and dynamic trends remain understudied in this malaria endemic region.

Molecular analysis reveals a high diversity of Anopheles species in Karama, West Sulawesi, Indonesia

July 30, 2020 - 14:04 -- Open Access
Davidson JR, Wahid I, Lobo NF, et al.
Parasit Vectors. 2020 Jul 29; 13(1):379

Understanding local Anopheles species compositions and bionomic traits are vital for an effective malaria vector intervention strategy. Though eight malaria vectors, including species complexes, have been documented across the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia, a comprehensive survey linking morphological and molecular species identification has not been conducted in this global hotspot of biodiversity.

Distribution and phylogenetic diversity of Anopheles species in malaria endemic areas of Honduras in an elimination setting

July 2, 2020 - 13:59 -- Open Access
Escobar D, Ascencio K, Ortiz A, Palma A, Fontecha G
Parasit Vectors. 2020 Jul 1;13(1):333

Anopheles mosquitoes are the vectors of malaria, one of the most important infectious diseases in the tropics. More than 500 Anopheles species have been described worldwide, and more than 30 are considered a public health problem. In Honduras, information on the distribution of Anopheles spp. and its genetic diversity is scarce. This study aimed to describe the distribution and genetic diversity of Anopheles mosquitoes in Honduras.

A survey of Anopheles species composition and insecticide resistance on the island of Bubaque, Bijagos Archipelago, Guinea-Bissau

January 20, 2020 - 15:52 -- Open Access
Thomas Ant, Erin Foley, David Mabey, et al.
Malaria Journal 2020 19:27, 15 January 2020

Bubaque is the most populous island of the Bijagos archipelago, a group of malaria-endemic islands situated off the coast of Guinea-Bissau, West Africa. Malaria vector control on Bubaque relies almost exclusively on the use of long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs). However, there is little information on local vector bionomics and insecticide resistance.

Effectiveness of plant-based repellents against different Anopheles species: a systematic review

December 30, 2019 - 14:29 -- Open Access
Amin Asadollahi, Mehdi Khoobdel, Alireza Zahraei-Ramazani, Sahar Azarmi and Sayed Hussain Mosawi
Malaria Journal 2019 18:436, 21 December 2019

Plant-based repellents have been applied for generations in traditional practice as a personal protection approach against different species of Anopheles. Knowledge of traditional repellent plants is a significant resource for the development of new natural products as an alternative to chemical repellents. Many studies have reported evidence of repellant activities of plant extracts or essential oils against malaria vectors worldwide. This systematic review aimed to assess the effectiveness of plant-based repellents against Anopheles mosquitoes.

Application of matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry to identify species of Neotropical Anopheles vectors of malaria

March 26, 2019 - 16:02 -- Open Access
Jose R. Loaiza, Alejandro Almanza, Rolando A. Gittens, et al.
Malaria Journal 2019 18:95, 22 March 2019

The selected sample processing procedure can be used to identify field-collected Anopheles species, including vectors of Plasmodium, in a short period of time, with a minimal amount of tissue and without the need of an expert mosquito taxonomist.


Detection of Anopheles rivulorum-like, a member of the Anopheles funestus group, in South Africa

May 15, 2018 - 14:41 -- Open Access
Joel Mouatcho, Anthony J. Cornel, Yael Dahan-Moss, Lizette L. Koekemoer, Maureen Coetzee and Leo Braack
Malaria Journal 2018 17:195, 15 May 2018

This is the first report of An. rivulorum-like south of Zambia, and essentially extends the range of this species from West Africa down to South Africa.

Molecular characterization of Anopheline (Diptera: Culicidae) mosquitoes from eight geographical locations of Sri Lanka

June 6, 2017 - 15:47 -- Open Access
Thilini C. Weeraratne, Sinnathambi N. Surendran, Lisa J. Reimer, Charles S. Wondji, M. Devika B. Perera, Catherine Walton and S. H. P. Parakrama Karunaratne
Malaria Journal 2017 16:234, 2 June 2017

The present study reflects the importance and feasibility of COI and ITS2 genetic markers in identifying anophelines and their sibling species, and the significance of integrated systematic approach in mosquito taxonomy.

Preliminary survey on Anopheles species distribution in Botswana shows the presence of Anopheles gambiae and Anopheles funestus complexes

March 14, 2017 - 13:04 -- Open Access
Leabaneng Tawe, Pleasure Ramatlho, Kelebogile Waniwa, Charles W. Muthoga, Ntebaleng Makate, Davis S. Ntebela, Isaac K. Quaye, Marco Pombi and Giacomo Maria Paganotti
Malaria Journal 2017 16:106, 7 March 2017

This work provides first time evidence of Anopheles diversity in several areas of Botswana.



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