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Kija Nghabi's blog

PhD Thesis: Bahavioural, ecological and genetic determinants of mating and gene flow in African malaria mosquitoes

October 27, 2010 - 14:39 -- Kija Nghabi

Kija R.N. Ng’habi

This thesis specifically investigated (i) the effect of larval density and nutrition on the mating competitiveness of adult male Anopheles gambiae s.s mosquitoes (ii) compared the physiological fitness of male Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes between laboratory and field populations, (iii) the potential for establishing a self-replicating Anopheles arabiensis population in an enclosed semi-natural environment and observing its genetic variation over time, (iv) the development of a PCR-based method for assessing male mating success among inseminated female An. gambiae and (v) the population genetic structure of An. gambiae s. l. along the Kilombero valley (southern Tanzania).

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