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Price Subsidy Schemes for Artemisinin-Based Combination Therapies (ACTs): Do They Work?

April 5, 2011 - 19:26 -- The Global Heal...

Although ACTs are recommended as first line treatment for uncomplicated malaria, actual use of ACT is very limited, partly due to its high price in pharmacies and retail stores. The Affordable Medicines Facility-malaria (AMFm), a donor-funded global price subsidy, has been proposed as a strategy to increase ACT use in malaria-endemic countries. Given that donor-supported ACT subsidy schemes are costly, it is crucial to ensure that they have their intended impact.

Large-Scale Malaria Treatment in the Private Sector: A Case Study of the Cambodian Experience

December 14, 2010 - 21:18 -- The Global Heal...

The UCSF Global Health Group’s (GHG) Health Systems Initiative supports a community of practice for National Malaria Control Program Managers and others around the private sector provision of ACTs in light of the AMFm. It recently published Large-Scale Malaria Treatment in the Private Sector: A Case Study of the Cambodian Experience, a case study aimed to inform the efforts of countries embarking on private sector malaria treatment initiatives.

The Lancet Series on Malaria Elimination

October 29, 2010 - 04:20 -- The Global Heal...

UCSF Experts Outline New Strategy to Eliminate Malaria

November 5, 2010 - Global health experts at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) have outlined a new strategy and action plan to help countries eliminate malaria and bring the world closer to global eradication of the deadly disease.

Media Release: Research Grant Program Launched for Asia Pacific Malaria Elimination Network

June 25, 2010 - 06:03 -- The Global Heal...

The Asia Pacific Malaria Elimination Network (APMEN) today, 25th June, is launching the APMEN Research Grant Program, which aims to assist in the development of new tools and measures to eliminate malaria in the Asia Pacific Region. The Network is composed of 10 countries working to eliminate malaria (Bhutan, China, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Republic of Korea, the Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, and Vanuatu) along with partner and research institutions in the region, including WHO.

Malaria Elimination in Zanzibar: A Feasibility Assessment

June 23, 2010 - 17:30 -- The Global Heal...

Due to the recent success that Zanzibar has achieved in reducing its malaria burden, the Zanzibar Malaria Control Program (ZMCP) is facing an important decision of whether to continue sustaining malaria control or to seek malaria elimination. To reach their decision, the ZMCP conducted an assessment to gauge the feasibility of reaching and sustaining malaria elimination from the operational, technical and financial perspectives.


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