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YouTube film Science to accelerate us to malaria eradication

July 17, 2014 - 19:30 -- MESA Alliance
A great new science lecture is available on the MESA YouTube channel: 'Science to accelerate us to malaria eradication',  presented by Lee Hall at the Keystone Symposium 2014.
Lee presents some key concepts on the vibrant biomedical R&D agenda which we need to support progress towards global malaria eradication. In his lecture, he poses the question of how the changing epidemiology of malaria impacts on research and interventions and highlights five challenges:
  1. Translate 'omics results into new tools or strategies to intervene against human malaria;
  2. Improve our capability to diagnose malaria;
  3. Block transmission;
  4. Expand the research base for P. vivax and non-falciparum malarias;
  5. Ensure the vigour and sustainability of the substantial biomedical research efforts that are required to eliminate and ultimately eradicate malaria. (Ref Hall & Fauci, Journal of Infectious Diseases, 2009).
We hope you enjoy this other videos available through the MESA YouTube channel.