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Your signature is wanted for open access petition to the White House

May 24, 2012 - 18:37 -- Tom Olijhoek

When Tim Gowers, Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University on January 21 this year made ​​an appeal to his colleagues to boycott Elsevier, that call was so successful, that the list currently counts over 11,000 signatures. More and more scientists seem to finally realize that something can be done against the extremely high cost of subscriptions to scientific journals and the inaccessibility of scientific information, namely NOT PUBLISH [in these journals] and a mandatory requirement for open access.

But open access is not just important for scientists. Many other groups need access to information, for instance patient groups, teachers, entrepreneurs, nurses, politicians, development organizations and many others.

This week Monday has seen the launch of a major campaign for open access to government funded research in the US. The access2 research group has started a petition to the White House in order to achieve a minimum of 25,000 public votes on the WEthePEOPLE site. After 4 days the petition has already over 15,000 signatures.

The importance of this petition cannot be underestimated. The Obama administration has committed itself to take action in matters where 25,000 signatures are given to a petition to the White House within 30 days. The action in the case of open access could for instance be a presidential directive that all state financed research must be published open access. When this would happen (and it is very likely that something like this will happen) this could have as effect that many more governments will follow the example. Already today on May 24, Argentina has issued a directive for open access to all government funded research there, so the campaign is already having effect outside of the US.

A very important point to make about this campaign is that THE PETITION CAN BE SIGNED BY ANYONE over 13 years in age with an email address, and from all parts of the world. So by signing this petition YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. The more signatures there are , the louder the message will be and the more chance there will be for rapid change.

If you are willing to sign the petition please go to the website access2research and follow the directives. Alternatively you can go direct to the WEthePEOPLE website.

Please sign and tell your colleagues, family, friends that they can sign too.



Submitted by Tom Olijhoek on

The petition for open access to state funded research now already has over 22,500 signatures!

A fantastic result. I hope many of the malaria world visitors have read the post and signed the petition.

If you have not yet done so, please do it NOW. The petition will close on  june 19 and with your participation we will get many more than the 25,000 signatures that are needed for the Obama administration to take action in this matter.  More is not always better, but in this case it is. The more of us vote for open access , the more chance there is that open access will become the standard for scientific publishing. with this an important part of the mission of MalariaWorld will become a reality.

Your signature matters! Please sign.