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World Malaria day: Vestergaard infographic about insecticide resistance

April 23, 2015 - 17:31 -- Ingeborg van Schayk

Vestergaard is celebrating innovation on World Malaria Day with milestones in the fight against insecticide resistance. Learn more about insecticide resistance here.


Submitted by Awolola (not verified) on

We have ample evidence on the efficacy of PN3.0 in areas with metabolic-based resistance mechanism. We know it works. We must strategise its usage for maximal impact.

Ole Skovmand's picture
Submitted by Ole Skovmand on

it is not a bit strange that in 3 studies WHopes made, there is no better control of P3 than of P2, but in two studies VF paid for in Nigeria, there is a better control. And here the lead scientist of these studies demand that strategies must be made to maximize its use (that means, it's sales). But i do recognize that the WHO organisation is sending out confusing messages. On one side, you have Whopes directed studies that clearly says that Permanet 3 - and especially Pemanet 3 washed - is not better than P2 on resistant Anopheles and Culex. On the other side you have a new committee of WHO that says that Vf provided evidence that Permanet 3 was in a new category. When you read what this group should use as evidence, it should be transmission impact to recognize a "new paradigme". But the group writes that there was NO evidence of transmission effect of P3 in areas with metabolic resistance, but still they conclude that here is a new paradigme. Maybe WHO has become so eager to show they are flexible, that they forget the rules they defined themselves ?