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Why can't WHO give out accurate data about bednets ?

September 19, 2015 - 20:14 -- William Jobin

This month’s report by WHO/UNICEF on ‘Achieving the Malaria MDG Target’ indicated that over 50% of Congolese children sleep under bednets. However these overly optimistic assertions are contradicted by a careful malaria survey conducted in 2007 in 8,000 households in the Congo, which indicated a blood-slide positivity of 33.5% and only 7% of children sleeping under bednets (Molecular malaria epidemiology…… by Taylor et al DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0016420.

It is very distressing that WHO, RBM and the US PMI are using such inaccurate estimates of malaria reality to plan the next 15 years. Who can tell me why? And why can’t we do better?



I have lived abroad for 17 plus years, live in 107 countries. I keep returning to Togo, West Africa, and almost nobody sleeps under bed nets. Whether in Ghana, or Ivory Coast, or Mali, the general opinion is they are too hot for comfort. What is really gaining is normal window screens. There seems to be no oversight, zero between what the Malaria programs, and often research do, everyone wants the silver bullet award. Aid organization workers are a funny lot, presently, with the tech, they could be making youtube videos the same as I do daily here in Kpalime, Togo, but no, they just make outlandish, wrong claims. The great part is Malaria is decreasing rapidly, it is the speed at which people can get the medicine, that takes the infected humans, from getting bit again that helps. Plus go figure, they are putting screens on windows the same as the Western people.

Understanding of this topic only makes me angry. And, I am on the ground, living in Africa 10 times, over two years of my life. Andy Lee Graham of or my Travel site, Thank you.