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What's this TH!NK3 all about?

March 30, 2010 - 20:59 -- Bart G.J. Knols

'TH!NK3: Developing world' is the third round of the European Journalism Centre's widely acclaimed international blogging competition series. The participants of TH!NK3 (called "TH!NKers") are journalism students, academics and experts from 27 EU Member States, neighbourhood countries and beyond.

Their objective in TH!NK3 is to write and report about global cooperation and sustainable development in the lead up to the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals Review Summit in September 2010.


MalariaWorld signed up for this blogging competition and was selected to participate. We took part in the launch event that was held in Brussels recently, where we met with the other 100 bloggers from around the world. It was great to meet so many enthusiastic writers with an interest in development.


Over the coming five months, we will be writing about important issues in malaria, and how these affect reaching the Millenium Development Goals.


So far we have posted two articles:


'Malaria: When sudden beats chronic'. In it we research the differences in public and media attention between natural disasters (the Haiti earthquake or the Tsunami in 2004) and chronic killers like malaria.


The second article 'Twitter nets': Can social media impact disease control?' is about the use of Twitter and other social media and how these may result in action to donate money for bednets. The power of social media is quite amazing...


We encourage you to read these contributions and leave behind comments. This is a great opportunity for the MalariaWorld community to have its voice heard to the broader development community.