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Watch the APMEN Tech Talk 'Non-biological threats to Insecticide Treated Nets Effectiveness'

November 2, 2021 - 09:07 -- Malaria World

Since 2014, over two billion Insecticide Treated Nets (ITNs) were distributed globally. Since their introductions, studies have found that ITNs are effective in averting malaria cases and deaths, making them one of the cost-effective preventative measures ever created in malaria history. With the proven impact, donors and multilateral organizations poured in investments for global scale-up, making them public goods, accessible by all people affected by malaria. What accompanied these global roll-outs are the threats, biological threats such as insecticidal treated nets, and non-biological threats such as human adoption. Biological challenges are equally important as non-biological ones in order to keep ITNs effective. Studies with representative samples consistently show tapering off of net distribution, net ownership by household, net ownership by the individual, and consistent use of nets. In low transmission settings, particularly in Asia Pacific region, countries are adopting more targeted distribution strategies rather than blanketed approach, potentially leaving some population uncovered. Additionally, ITNs are showing varying degrees of durability and bio efficacy in the field. In this webinar, we will approach following questions around non-biological threats to effectiveness of ITNs and ways to mitigate them.