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Watch the APMEN Tech Talk "Community participation: a foundation for malaria elimination"

April 19, 2021 - 15:31 -- Malaria World

Waging a malaria elimination campaign without community support is like fighting a battle with one arm tied behind your back. We need the people who bear the brunt of malaria to understand what elimination program objectives are, and gain their help to identify, deliver and assess solutions likely to achieve these objectives. To successfully prevent malaria and other vector borne diseases, communities at-risk need to be able to access the right tools, understand the benefits of using or facilitating (in the case of indoor residual spraying) vector control methods, seek diagnosis for fever and complete treatment for confirmed cases. As key stakeholders committed to eliminating malaria in Asia Pacific, we need to better understand how to effectively engage communities to achieve vector control program and elimination objectives. These are the issues we will explore during the next APMEN TechTalks, lessons and insights from experienced persons in this field. It is a subject we should all learn about.


  • Community Engagement and the Need for Methodological Innvovation by Prof. Koen Peeters, Head of the Unit of Medical Anthropology at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp.
  • Engaging Communities to Design, Implement & Assess Vector Control Programming by Josselyn Neukom, APMEN/APLMA Consultant
  • Engaging Communities for Improved Vector Control Outputs by Dr Than Naing Soe, Director Health Literacy Promotion Unit (HLPU), Department of Public Health, Ministry of Health and Sports, Myanmar

Moderated by Dr Leo Braack, Technical Lead (APMEN Vector Control Working Group), Senior Vector Control Specialist, Malaria Consortium, Bangkok, Thailand