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Using the Member Map of MalariaWorld

July 22, 2010 - 18:50 -- Bart G.J. Knols

Subscribers that provide feedback on the MalariaWorld platform at times tell us of the difficulties they have with using the different features. A good opportunity for us to start providing you with more details of what you can do with MalariaWorld. Here I will explore the features of the Member Map.

You can access the Member Map once you log in and click on 'Member Map' in the left sidebar under your name. You will then see the map below:




The orange symbols that you see reflect individual members. However, considering overlap, you can also zoom in on the map using the + (zoom in) or - (zoom out) signs in the top left of the map. Also, by clicking (and holding) your left mouse button, you can drag the map to other positions. Below the map after zooming in:



Now that you have zoomed in, you can see the orange symbols clearly. Note that the shade of these indicates that more members reside in that location. On the above map you see the black arrow indicating an individual member, whereas the blue arrow indicates more members (obviously, because it is Accra, where more subscribers are based). So you need to zoom in even further to see all individual members in Accra, which will look like this:



Now you can see all members in Accra. Without clicking, if you move your mouse over the symbols you will see the usernames of these subscribers. In short, by zooming in on the map and moving the cursor over the symbols, you can see all MalariaWorld members, anywhere around the world.


It gets better when you click on a symbol, as now you will be taken to the profile page of that person and see his/her details. That is why it is so important to fill out your profile page and keep it up to date with the latest information.


If you do not appear on the map, click on the link 'edit your location' directly below the map. This will take you to your profile page where you can fill in your details. Once you have done this and saved the information, your symbol should be indicated on the map.


If you experience difficulties with the map, let us know.