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Something to put a smile on our faces :)

July 6, 2011 - 14:09 -- Ricardo Ataide

Just a silly funny song I wrote about malaria. I think I borrowed parts of the tune from Monty Python!! Hope they're ok with it... :)

 Bloody disease
"lyrics and music by Ataíde, R"

Malaria is a disease
It doesn't make you cough or sneeze
But it makes feel 100 years old
Your back is aching, you can't move
Suddenly you're shacking, what a groove
You're sweating though you're feeling rather cold...

Now let me be more ethical
A little less poetical
And tell you some of the facts that you should know
Malaria is poverty and kids
Pregnant women and their needs
Or so we're told by the WHO

It's not about the grants, the money or the shows
It's all about spraying female anopheles mosquitoes
It's not about UN soldiers feeling rather sick
It's about the kids, the poor little kids
And pregnant women and their needs
And elimination, eradication and the money from mass medication
It's political, It's cynical, they tell me it's just clinical
Malaria is just a bloody disease!!!

It's in Penguins and in Crocodiles
It's in Mexican reptiles
And in rational and irracional Apes
From the bite site to the Liver,
To the blood that makes you shiver
This parasite has many different shapes

The sporozoite, in the hepatocyte
Gives rise to the merozoite
A population 20,000 strong
The erythrocyte is not ok
It's got a rash of VSA
Adhesion's on and now it all goes wrong!

You can try to fight it, phagocyte it
Kill it in the spleen
You can mount the biggest immune response
But the little bugger is more annoying than watching Charlie sheen
If it's in your brain, you go insane,
They say it's ICAM-1 to blame
There is no vaccine, take your medicine
1 pill, two pills 3 pills in
Chloro, Quino, the hell with them
Gimme shots of coartem
Malaria is just a Bloody disease!!!

It's not about celebrities, appearing on TV
It's all about Black Africa's struggle to be free
It's not about world markets and fear of DDT
It's about the kids, the poor little kids
And pregnant women and their needs
And elimination, eradication money from Billy's foundation
It's political, It's cynical, nowadays its postdoctoral
Malaria is just a Bloody disease!!!