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Problems with the Hypnozoite Theory of Relapse

July 24, 2016 - 00:12 -- Miles Markus

Speculative extrapolation from biological and genetic findings resulting from malarial research carried out in recent years, places in doubt aspects of the validity of the current concept of hypnozoite-mediated malarial relapse, entrenched though the hypothesis (usually stated by authors as a fact) is. A piece(s) of the puzzle might be missing.

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It will not help to work on the principle that if these potential "alarm bells" in relation to inter alia the elimination of malaria are ignored, then the questions that have now arisen will go away. The nature of the dormant parasite reservoir can only be established with certainty via practical investigation and associated open-minded interpretation outside the box of prevailing dogma, not by consensus theoretical opinion.

In this regard, novel research suggestions were published recently (on 30 March 2017):

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