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Printed bed nets to protect underprivileged families in Uganda against malaria

April 23, 2020 - 16:57 -- Malaria World

In honour of World Malaria Day 2020

Care Plus® has donated 2000 impregnated printed bed nets to protect children in Uganda, one of the countries with the heaviest malaria burden in Africa. And this is just the start of the Buy One, Give One Program: for every Care Plus® impregnated net that is being sold, one free net is donated to people in need. It is one of the contributions that Care Plus® makes to the fight against malaria.

Buy One, Give One
Care Plus® has initiated the Buy One, Give One Program to protect vulnerable children against malaria. In partnership with Twiga Ventures 2000 bed nets are printed with a beautiful print and donated to the Bambino Life Foundation in Uganda. Twiga Ventures, a Uganda based social enterprise, operates in collaboration with the Malaria Consortium and the Uganda Ministry of Health. All nets are Long Lasting Insecticide treated Nets (LLINs) conform the standards of the World Health Organization.

Printed bed nets
The nets that have been distributed are not ordinary, plain bed nets. These nets have been improved with a beautifully coloured print. “We all like different things. Look at how people dress. Different colours and different prints. And people take better care of things they like”, says Bashir Nzabanita from Twiga Ventures. When people can choose what they like, they will bond with it more, look after it better, and experience an increased sense of ownership. Malaria Consortium conducted a study (2013-2016) among 2500 pregnant women who received a printed LLIN during Ante Natal Care clinic days in Tororo district, Uganda. The results show that printed nets were used and maintained better than plain nets.

CarePlus Podcast #1 by Travel Health Group 

In honour of World Malaria Day, the 25th of April 2020 the Travel Health Group hosted this first podcast with interesting guests who are all involved in contributing to a malaria free world by 2030. All to support our Buy One Give One campaign by Care Plus®. You can listen to insights of Bart Knols (vector biologist), Ashaba Faridah (CEO and founder of Bambino Life Foundation) and Michiel Lampers (import and export manager at The Coffee Quest Europe). Presentation: CEO and founder of Care Plus/Travel Health group Arnoud Aalbersberg. Made possible by 247streaming.

Listen to this Podcast here

Speakers from left to right: Arnoud Aalbersberg (Travel Health Group); Bart Knols (vector biologist); 
Ashaba Faridah (Bambino Life Foundation); and Michiel Lampers (The Coffee Quest Europe)

Care Plus®
Care Plus® is an authentic Dutch company with over 28 years of experience in the field of safe and healthy travels. As market leaders in central Europe Care Plus® is committed to educate and facilitate travellers with advice and products in order to enjoy and be carefree whilst traveling. The company contributes to the fight against malaria by spending 1% of its yearly turnover to the following malaria dedicated initiatives: The Buy One, Give Program; malaria applied research; and MalariaWorld.

For more information about the Buy One, Give One Program contact Care Plus® at