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The power of blogging / 101 blogs that change the world

September 18, 2009 - 08:21 -- Serge Christiaans

The world is full of visionaries and people who want to make a difference in the world, and many of those people share their knowledge online through their blogs. Whether you want to change the world through environment, humanitarianism, business, or any other way, there’s a blog out there that can offer you guidance and inspiration. Read on, and you’ll find 100+1 blogs that can help you change the world.


These blogs highlight good works in everyday life, around the world, and more.

  1. United Nations Good Works: Find out what the United Nations is doing around the world from this blog.
  2. Malcolm Gladwell, author of Outliers and other inspirational bestsellers, discusses making a difference, intelligent thinking, and other important topics.
  3. Ordinary People Change the World: Find out how regular people can make a difference in the world from this blog.
  4. Evange-list: Check out Evange-list to learn how you can use the Web to make the world a better place.
  5. The Give Well Blog: This blog will tell you how to get the most change out of your giving dollar.
  6. What Do You Stand For?: This blog encourages readers to find a cause for support.
  7. A Volunteer’s Guide to Changing the World: Find out how you can change the world as a volunteer from this blog.
  8. How I changed the world today: See what this blogger does on a regular basis to make a difference in the world.
  9. Kiva Stories from the Field: Read the stories of Kiva fellows on this blog.
  10. Blog for Change: Blog for Change will help you learn about causes, connections, and action.
  11. The Change Blog: This blog is all about changing the world and changing your life.
  12. So what can I do?: Read So what can I do? to find out hundreds of actions you can take to change the world.
  13. One Person Can Make a Difference: This blogger demonstrates being a force for change in the world.
  14. Skip a Lunch: Skip a Lunch is about making small personal sacrifices in order to help others.
  15. Have Fun - Do Good: Have Fun-Do Good is written for people who want to change the world while having fun.


Check out these blogs to learn about changing the world through the environment.

  1. How to Save the World: Dave Pollard shares environmental philosophy and more on this blog.
  2. Worldchanging: This blog encourages readers to change their thinking to support a more sustainable world.
  3. Change the World: HGTV’s blog will tell you how to change your world without losing your mind.
  4. Green Tech: Through Green Tech, you’ll learn about the newest, most innovative green developments in technology.
  5. Gristmill: Gristmill is full of environmental news and commentary.
  6. Sustainable Food: This blog discusses practices and actions for more sustainable food.
  7. GoodGuide: Check out GoodGuide to find products that are safe, healthy, and green.
  8. Animal Rights: This blog focuses on the cause of animal rights.
  9. Green Blog: This blog helps business leaders choose environmentally friendly solutions.
  10. Sustainablog: Check out this blog to learn about sustainability, green business, and environmental politics.
  11. Bright Green Blog: This blog discusses alternative energy, wildlife, living green, and more.
  12. Stop Global Warming: Read this blog to learn what you can do to help put a stop to global warming.
  13. Green Fork: Learn how to eat well and eat sustainably from this guide.
  14. TreeHugger: TreeHugger shares green news and sustainable design with a modern twist.
  15. Green Inc.: See how your business can be more environmentally friendly from this blog.

Social Action & Human Rights

These blogs highlight human rights and social change.

  1. Social Work/Social Action: This blog is written by the Wurzweiler School of Social Work at Yeshiva University.
  2. Spare Change: Nedra uses social marketing to promote causes including health and social issues.
  3. On Social Marketing and Social Change: Read this blog to find news and commentary on social change and marketing.
  4. Human Rights Watch: Read Human Rights Watch to stay on top of the latest developments in human rights.
  5. Poverty in America: Poverty in America fights poverty and supports organizations that help to end it.
  6. Social Citizens: Learn more about social giving from this blog.
  7. TakePart: On this blog, you’ll find out how to take action on social issues, human rights, politics, environment, and more.
  8. Stop Genocide: Read this blog to find discussion on Darfur and more.
  9. Aid Worker Daily: Get humanitarian news and reviews from Aid Worker Daily.
  10. Survival International: Survival International encourages support of tribal peoples.
  11. Gay Rights: Learn about developments in gay rights, and what you can do to support them.
  12. Humanitarian Relief: Check out this blog to learn about humanitarian workers.
  13. Global Health: Read the Global Health blog to learn what is being done about health crisises around the world.
  14. Social Actions: Social Actions has blogs and community that supports social action.
  15. Coalition for the Homeless: On this blog, you’ll learn about programs, advocacy, and ways to can help end homelessness.
  16. The Humanist Community: This blog is all about promoting humanism.
  17. Women’s Rights: Take action on women’s rights with the help of this blog.
  18. Peace in the Middle East: This blog discusses the need, and actions for, peace in the Middle East.
  19. Forced Migration Current Awareness Blog: On this blog, you’ll learn about refugees, IDPs, and forced migration.
  20. End Homelessness: Find out what you can do to help end homelessness through this blog.
  21. Blog for Darfur: This blog is on a mission to save Darfur.
  22. End Human Trafficking: In this blog, you’ll learn what you can do to help end human trafficking.
  23. iAbolish: iAbolish is the blog behind an American anti-slavery group.
  24. Criminal Justice: This blog focuses on actions you can take to support a more fair criminal justice system.
  25. Tobi Indyke’s Social Action Blog: Tobi Indyke shares events, actions, and more for social improvement.
  26. Education: In this blog, you’ll find out how education can be reformed and improved.
  27. Religious Action Center: The Religious Action Center shares how you can tackle world changing action through religion.
  28. Immigration: On this blog, you’ll learn about the latest in immigration rights.


Changing the world takes commitment and motivation. Students and professionals alike can find the oomph you need to keep going from these inspirational blogs.

  1. Operation NICE: Get inspired to be nicer every day by Operation NICE.
  2. Gimundo: Gimundo shares good news and positive stories.
  3. Zen Habits: On Zen Habits, you’ll learn about improving your life through simplicity.
  4. The Hero Workshop: The inspiration in this blog will help you find your inner hero.
  5. The Happiness Project: Check out this blog to learn about facing the challenge of being happier.
  6. Abbey of the Arts: Abbey’s blog is a great resource for any artists who are creating for social change.
  7. Sublime Goodness: This blog delivers inspiration with stories of goodness around the world.
  8. Inspire Me Today: Gail Goodwin writes to help give you the motivation and inspiration to be, do, and create.
  9. The Serendipity Factory: The Serendipity Factory celebrates happy discoveries, sharing news, quotes, and inspiration.

Philanthropy & Funding

Nonprofits can find a wealth of useful information through these blogs.

  1. A Small Change: Check out this blog to learn about fundraising for non-profits.
  2. Marketing for Nonprofits: On this blog, you’ll learn how you can help nonprofit marketing efforts.
  3. Give & Take: Give & Take is an aggregator of blogs for the nonprofit world.
  4. Tactical Philanthropy: Read Tactical Philanthropy to learn about the Second Great Wave of Philanthropy.
  5. Philanthropy Journal: On this blog, you’ll find nonprofit news and resources.
  6. Cause Marketing: This blog highlights and analyzes cause marketing promotions.

Health Care

Learn about making a change in health care from these blogs.

  1. Universal Health Care: This blog discusses universal health care as a way to reform the health care system.
  2. IgniteBLOG: IgniteBLOG offers a convergence of health care, marketing, and technology.
  3. The Health Care Blog: The Health Care Blog is incredibly informative about the health care system and reform.
  4. Subject to Change: Subject to Change focuses on social change in public health.
  5. The Alan Katz Health Care Reform Blog: Learn about health care reform from Alan Katz on this blog.
  6. Autism: On this blog, you’ll find news and actions relating to Autism.


In these blogs, you’ll see how art can make a difference in the world.

  1. The Groundswell Blog: The artists featured on this blog are a part of social change.
  2. Women’s Creative Collective: This collective is a group of women who create for change.
  3. Make Art Like You Care: This blogger creates good art and good works for a better world.
  4. the Painting Activist: This artist describes the world with a paintbrush.
  5. on Social Design.: Check out this blog to find out what designers are doing for social change.
  6. art + craft = craftivism: This blog focuses on art and craft for good.
  7. Art for a Change: Mark Vallen’s blog highlights art theory and commentary.

Leadership & Business

These blogs examine how business and effective leadership can help the world.

  1. All Day Buffet: All Day Buffet supports a business model that is based on investment in people.
  2. Leading Blog: The Leading Blog writes to build a community of leaders.
  3. Social Entrepreneurship: Nathaniel Whittemore’s blog is all about entrepreneurial ideas that support the greater good.
  4. The Greater Good: Learn about new scientific research and compassion through this blog.
  5. Fair Trade: This blog highlights ways in which fair trade is working, and how it can be better utilized.
  6. How to Change the World: Guy Kawasaki’s blog is all about changing the online world.
  7. The Practice of Leadership: This blog discusses influencing the world through leadership.
  8. Social ROI: Get inspiration for social entrepreneurship through this blog.
  9. Servant-Leadership Blog: Learn about the concept of becoming a leader who serves from this blog.
  10. Ecopreneurist: Ecopreneurist offers news and support for green and sustainable business ventures.
  11. Chief Happiness Officer: Alex Kjerulf’s blog discusses making business more fun, happy, and profitable.
  12. Tworque: In this blog, you’ll find news and commentary on entrepreneurship and innovation in developing countries.
  13. Seth’s Blog: Seth Godin can help you learn a thing or two about leadership.
  14. SustainableWork: SustainableWork supports the idea of creating sustainable startups and emerging enterprises.

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