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the pest pick the moment

March 1, 2011 - 15:07 -- malcolm doherty

well the best layed plans of mice and men as they say.
i have had a mozzi free sleep wothout nets for three years now, was i lulled into a false security... you bet i was.
i have three children and use our prototypes throughout our homes, never missing.
after some time you forget the issue and just go through the motions.
last week i did not re stock and on the night where no supply was available, i thought ahhhh it is only one night.....
three sleepless and well bitten children, a sleepless night and plenty of bites for mum and dad i realised we can all make mistakes.
i for one had forgotten how much a mosquito can ruin your night, not any more....
god help those who cannot fall back on the doom sprays as we can..
many of us look at the pest as just that, even malaria goes away with a quick prick check and a few pills, let us all spare a thought for those who look at us for the solution and as yet we have not supplied it..