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Paris to serve as host city for World Malaria Day 2019

February 28, 2019 - 17:51 -- Malaria World

Geneva – Paris, 25 February 2019 Today the RBM Partnership to End Malaria announced that Paris, France, will be the official host city of World Malaria Day 2019 on 25th April. 

In partnership with the city of Paris and the French Government, a series of events will be organised across the city centre, recognising the importance of Francophone contributions to the fight against malaria, and the need to step up the fight to accelerate progress against the preventable and treatable disease.

The theme for World Malaria Day 2019 - ‘Zero Malaria Starts with Me’ – will empower individuals across the world to make a personal commitment to saving millions more lives, and help communities and economies to thrive by ending malaria. Decades of significant progress against the disease have slowed as cases of malaria increased in 2016 and 2017, after more than a decade of steep decline. This global movement seeks to re-energise the fight to eliminate the disease, which still threatens half of the global population and kills one child every two minutes.

World Malaria Day presents an opportunity to engage global leaders, civil society, the private sector, academic institutions and the general public in countries around the world. In addition to events taking place in Paris, the RBM Partnership and the French government are planning events in Francophone countries, where 313 million people are at risk of malaria. Indeed, half of the 10 highest malaria burdened countries are Francophone countries.

In addition, the Partnership’s member organisations will host complementary events in other countries all over the world to re-ignite a global movement determined to end malaria. These will be held in countries with a high burden of malaria, as well as in major donor countries including the UK, the United States and across Asia. This April also marks the first anniversary of the commitment made by Commonwealth leaders, following the 2018 Malaria Summit London, to halve the number of malaria cases and deaths in Commonwealth countries over five years.

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Submitted by William Jobin on

Unfortunately the current strategy of WHO and other agencies for supressing malaria rely on ephemeral methods - such as bednets and spraying adulticides.These methods require continual re-application and limit coverage;Durable methods, such as screened windows and drainage or filling of larval habitats, are needed if progress is to be made.

William Jobin Director of Blue Nile Associates