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Open Access Week 2011 kicks off soon

October 20, 2011 - 21:48 -- Tom Olijhoek


Openaccesssweek is a global social network for people working for Open Access to scientific information. Because of the upcoming  Open Access Week 2011 (from 24-30 october) members of the network have received a letter from the program director of SPARC, Jennifer McLennan. SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) is a library membership organization that promotes expanded sharing of scholarship. SPARC believes that faster and wider sharing of outputs of the research process increases the impact of research, fuels the advancement of knowledge, and increases the return on research investments. Since the letter contains links to events organized in different countries and links to video footage plus talks by pioneers of Open Access like Brewster Kahle and Harold Varmus, parts of it are reproduced here. More information can be obtained by registering with openaccessweek .
Fifth annual event draws broad global participation, highlights deep community commitment to Open Access
 Washington, DC -- by Jennifer McLennan -- Open Access Week, the annual event celebrating the global movement towards Open Access (OA) to research and scholarship, kicks off for the fifth time on Monday, October 24.  Coordinated by SPARC and organized by more than 2,000 advocates in countries around the world, the event provides an opportunity to learn about the benefits of Open Access, share new ideas and strategies, and inspire wider participation in establishing Open Access as the norm in scholarly communication.
Participation in this highly successful event continues to grow. This year, there are over 2,000 individuals in more than 110 countries registered in the Open Access Week social network at Participation remains strong throughout Europe and North America and will be complemented by new activities in regions as diverse as Algeria, Gambia, Iceland, Iraq, and Sudan. The global nature of this event is captured nicely by the interactive Open Access Week member map, available on the Web site.
To help support local programming, SPARC provides a suite of resources, including a video series featuring leading voices in research and digital technology. This year’s feature is Brewster Kahle, founder and Chairman of the Internet Archive. Kahle suggests the time is ripe for Open Access; now that the “plumbing” of the Internet is in place, “We have to move beyond the mainframe model and the subscription or the license model,” he says. “It has to be so that things are... shared widely.” The video may be viewed and downloaded at
The full collection of SPARC videos for Open Access Week, including Dr. Harold Varmus, Director of the U.S. National Cancer Institute, Dr. Cameron Neylon, a biophysicist and open research advocate; Dr. Mona Nemer, professor and vice-president for research at the University of Ottawa; students, librarians, teachers, research funders, and others are available on the Web site.
Open Access Week is organized by SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition), with the generous support of our 2011 sponsors: the Public Library of Science, @mire, and Springer Open. Find activities on your campus, at your institution, or in your region – or join to participate – through the Web site at